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Hello my name is Michael I am the artist behind the company. Every printed shirt is my own design and very unique. Every tie dye  sold on this site is hand made by myself. Please allow a few days for shippment due to the fact that I do not make these shirts until an order is placed. Please wash each tie dye shirt by its self for the first time  to ensure no dye will stain your clothing. Every tie dye shirt is 100% cotton first quality. All orders are sold by the dozen. If you would like to mix sizes in your order All you have to do is text and let me know what sizes you wish to purchase and who you are and I will direct you on how to further place your order. You can choose different sizes to complete your dozen but each dozen must be the same color. If you order a bulk shipment over 20 dozen I will cut you a deal and knock a dollar off price per shirt. You must text to place bulk orders.